Monday, October 26, 2015

House warming party with friends = cooking is fun ! YOU are what you eat !

Sauteed King crab with salt and butter. Grilled after baking in le crueset Marmite 22cm 

Bacon baked with quiel eggs . Once a while for this evil party food... modified food..== no good..

Seafood pots with italian herbs , clams, french Blue mussels + spanish shrimps. + parsely etc. 

  Sauteed Duck breast with mesh potatos: 

Bon appetite!!! happy gathering with old friends ! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

{{home made ぐでたま met となりのトトロ}}當雞蛋哥遇見龍貓大人。。。Dinner is Fun .. .yumyum....仲有 煤炭屎鬼

{{home made ぐでたま met となりのトトロ}}當雞蛋哥遇見龍貓大人。。。Dinner is Fun .. .yumyum....仲有 煤炭屎鬼 XD

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Home made ToFFEE - homegodiva XD ( prepration less than few minutes)

Homemade Toffee candies - for halloween party 

Chocolate 80% dark 
Condensed milk ( half small can) 

Heat up the condensed milk with low to mid high heat
Keep stirring for 5 mins until it start to be abit foamy
add the melted chocolate  in it and keep stirring until all mix well together.
Add Walnuts 
put in fridge for 1 hour . 
And scope them into small pieces and DONE ! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HOME baked Japanese Cheese Tart = Bon appetite !

 Ingredients :
for 10 to 13 Tarts 2inches size

butter ( smells better) or healthier shortening牛油  : 120g
Caster Suger砂糖: 30g
All-purpose flour面粉 : 180g
small egg小鸡蛋: 1 pc

Cheese Filling: 

italian Mascarpone cheese 意大利芝士: 130g (those used for tiramisu ) 
Cream cheese 奶油乳酪; 150g 
vanilla extract香草精: 1 tea spoon
Yogurt酸奶 : 1/4  cup ( 25 to 30 g)
milk 牛奶 ; 20g ( japanese brand , sweeter, dont use skim milk) 
light cream淡奶油: 50g
caster sugar砂糖: 60g 
corn starch淀粉 10g
egg white ; 1 ( beat until solid form /foamy  around 8 mins same as making macaon)
egg york : 1 ( for brushing on the tarts at before baking)

 melt all cheese with the Milk in double boiler
 ( heat up a bowl of hot water and mix the cheese on the other batten bowl resting on top) : 
Add 1/4 cup yogurt , corn starch 10g+vanilla extract+ foamy egg white (which prepared as below before hand).
 Prepare egg white till it is foamy around 8mins.   準備泡沫蛋白,直到它大約是短時間就泡沫。
 PASTRY:Mixed all butter + sugar + flour ,蛋撻酥皮,混合所有的黃油+糖+麵粉,
rest in fridge for 2 hours before  baking in oven for
8 mins at 150 degree, pre- heat oven with 250.

 separate the pastry with small balls.. and butter all molds before filling with the pastry material.
baked in oven for 8 mins  at 150degree ( preheat oven with 250 degree first ) .

 after 8 mins in oven , rest them for another 5 mins to make it crispy!

Take out the ready mixed cheese mixture and rest at room temp. 
fill in the pastry with 1 tb of the cheese mixture . 

brushed with the egg york before bake in oven for 5 mins , at 170 degree.

wala DONE ! ready to serve.

Bon appetite !

Monday, October 19, 2015

{{ Autumn Meal}} 20 mins Comfort meals at home - Seasfood - Singaporean black pepper crab + 水蟹粥 Macau Style Crab congee-

水蟹 4 pcs
congee - 2 cups of rice
24 cm Le Creuset Casserole - 6 cups water

Seasoning ; 
3pc Ginger + 2 cloves of Garlic + welsh onion 2pcs + rice wine 

Method ; 
1,Cook congee 15 mins high heat + keep warming inside for another 30 mins
2,Add  Crab inside cook with mid heat for around 8 mins. 

wala DONE! 

Singaporean Black Pepper Shrimps Cellophane noodles:


1. 1/2 pack Cellophane noodles 
2. 4 to 5 pcs of Shrimps 
3. 2 Tb spoon of black pepper
4. 1 tb soy sauce 
5. 1 tp suger 
6. 1/2 onion 
7.3 pc red chillie 
8. 4 cloves of clushed garlic  
9.3 pc ginger 

Seasoning ; 

3pc Ginger + 
2 cloves of Garlic + 
welsh onion 2pcs + 
rice wine
2 Tb spoon of black pepper
1 tb soy sauce 
1 tp suger 
1/2 Cup of water or chicken stock

Method : 

1. use rice wine  and garlic + salt and pepper to seasoned the shrimps for 15 mins
2. In a Mortar ; crushed the Garlic and bird's eye chilies + black pepper and set aside.
Until aroma develops.
3. Add 2 tb spoon of grape seed oil on the 22cm Le crueset Marmite casserole for 2 mins
until the oil boiling hot at mid to high heet .. 
add Garlic  + ginger + chinese welsh onion 
Add the Shrimps fried with mid heat for 2 to 3 mins.
Add the Seasoning Soy sauce + black pepper + Stirred for 2 mins 
Add 1/2 pack Cellophane noodles 

Add water and slow cook with another 8 mins.
put on the bazil leaf and serve hot immediately. 
wala !  Done 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Dining is and always was a Great Artistic Opportunity " {{ Frank Lloyd wright}} -三杯栗子雞- Chestnut braised with chicken taiwanese style-

 三杯栗子雞- Chestnut braised with chicken taiwanese style-

三杯栗子雞- Chestnut braised with chicken taiwanese style-

Ingredients : 

1` pack of 12 chicken wings chopped into 2 pcs .
seasoned with italian mixed herbs, + salt and pepper + chinese rice wine.
( i used the japanese

味淋酒 ) 

1/2 onion 
3 small red onions
4 cloves of garlic crushed
10 to 15 pcs of chestnuts * steamed and remove the nut shell }

Seasoning for chicken ; 
1 Tb soy sauce, 
1 tb sugar
1 tb corn starch
chinese rose wine
japanese sesame oil 2 tp

Method ; 

2 tb grape seed oil . or olive oil with high burning point.
Fried 3 pcs gingers + garlic + welsh onion 蔥 with mid heat 2 mins until aroma developed.
fried the chicken until golden brown on both side around 5 mins

add the chesnut + seasoning and cooked for another 4 mings to 5 mins. 

 while puting all ingredients in the casseroles;
22 cm marmite Le creuset
1tea spoon dark soy sauce
1 tb soy sauce 
2 tb Oyster sauce
a little bit of salt 

A cup of chicken stock or warm water braised for 15 mins.
until the chesnut are all soft
2tb of water with corn starch put at last 

  So happy my friend brought m this while visiting me ... so i don't need to que and get to taste this fab tarts.... now .. .its my turn to try to make mine lol

korean pancake at home

fried pepper crab , seafood stall at home