Friday, April 22, 2016

Jshoppers have PROMOTION till end of April ! check it out ! cheaper ! shipping !

Dear friends,

Since there are alot of questions about how to order stuffs from japan online and how to send back to hong kong. There are ways and different methods. the Fast and easiest one is . Few steps.

1. You need to have a JAPAN address. for  japan ( LC) to send to you in Japan.
 ( therefore, ie. you need a Japanese transfer shipping company- such as Jshoppers. to give you
a Virtual japanese address- which Is the Shipping company's warehouse address, with different PO BOX number for Each customers )

Step 1. -> registered a free account at - > Jshoppers;


- so you have a " japan address " with your Name when you buy things from japan. they will simply send to this warehouse .

click here to registered a FREE account to be a member and get your OWN specific warehouse address. 

CLICK here to check how much for the transfer shipping fee= for a FAFA casseroles around 4 KG.
it is around 4750 yan which is around $ 330 HKdollars.
shipping takes 7 to 14 days nad sometimes, if it is xmas or special occasion, it takes longer time such as 1 month! email them and ask before you purchase!

Step2.   YOU need to be a Japanese LC customers online. so you can ENJOY free shipping and EXCLUSIVE items when there is PROMOTION!

click here to registered as LC members in JAPAN ;
link: -

{{CLICK here to JAPAN LC website }} and right click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH

TIPS ( right click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH if you can't read japanese )


Step 3 , Fill in the form with your japanese address to order -

so you have to enter the ' virtual japanese address, from Jshoppers. which they will give you a different POBOX number when you registered there .

DETAILS ON this blog :
{{CLICK HERE to see how to get a japan address for free }}


Step 4 . CHOOSE your items you want : for eg . if you want to buy the FAFA casseroles

put the items you want to buy in the basket and then CHECK OUT - pay the method such as visa.. etc..

and then you can fill in your membership Number and direct to your check out address. 
and fill in the Jshoppers's address they gave to you ! and then Wala... 

sit at home and wait the items send to you and surprise your MOM ! 


FAST and Easy ! and same as buying things from other online shops! 

Wala ! DONE! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"le creuset開箱 from Selfridges, ALL in good shape and good packages.

Dear Friends,

I have gather all the friend's experiences on buying online for Le' creuset casseroles.. and most of them have NO problem at all, you just need more Patience, time .. to wait if you want to get your babies with BEST bargain price ! SHOP smart and BE happy !

bought from selfridges online and all came to hong kong in GOOD condition! 

2nd METHOD / option to buy online, BEST reliable but have to Wait LONGER time. around 7 to 14 days !


以前都十分喜歡網購,買DVD、外國書, net a porter for fashion ,ASOS , good brand 牌等等,特別是在amazon.com和,方便可靠。


13 日就到港了。以前用 或買是寄包裹到家沒有人收貨就到郵局取,今次就是順豐派。

ITalian Page - AMAZON.CO.IT
Click here the link below : 

right Click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH: 

BUT all arrived in GOOD conditions and good packages ! but i dont' suggest to buy stonewares, as it is more easily to break.. and CAST iron is VERY good and very tough !

OTHER good /successful Examples on friend's link:!!!%E6%94%B6%E5%88%B0%E4%BA%86%E5%BE%9E%E7%BE%8E%E5%9C%8Bamazon%E8%B2%B7%E7%9A%84%E6%9D%B1%E8%A5%BF%EF%BC%8C%E9%83%B5%E5%B7%AE%E4%BC%AF%E4%BC%AF


舒舒服服限量新色LC _ le creuset ( buy from Japan website online ) no need to QUE and no hastles .

教你! 舒舒服服安坐家中有新花花柄 .日本直送回家,不用搬搬抬抬。。。 

Dear friends , 

教你! 舒舒服服安坐家中有新花花柄 bluebell casseroles .日本直送回家,不用搬搬抬抬。。。 

Did you see the new Flower knob Casseroles by Le Creuset ? 

I got these at the Japanese website!! it will be sold in japan in may and now you can buy it online.

its your choice ... to sit here and buy online comfortably or wait on que in the street for 4 hours ! 

Actually, the colour is NEVER NEW < its old colour from last season, Blue bell purple, in feb.. the fav fan website , they sold at $888 for a 14cm casseroles. 
if you can wait for 3 months, Then you can get the casseroles at cheaper price ! 

Website Link : 

( free shipping to hong kong and without tax ) around 2380hkD

Also, if you are the real le creuset Fan in hong kong , you know they have fan Fav page and 
every now and then, after 2 months, the limited version casseroles will be on sale and sold at the 
fan fav page. and the best timing to buy is by then.. 

for eg. the Blue bell casserole was firstly luanchned in Nov and resold at the market in Feb. with only $888.  ( only 3 months!!  ) 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

REVIEW of LC Le creuset Private VIP sale 只是越來越冇驚喜越來越多人 in hk 2012 by annual VIP sale~ getting more and more expensive.. and more and more people here =( PART 1)

This year 's Mega SALE.... these are no more named as VIP... coz' they know their VIPS like US are all gone due to the horrible arrangement of previous sales...... however,,, this year.... Some Friends and JM helped me to buy these things :  (This year 2017 )

this year - their flyer sent to us : _

The stocks of stoneware we got in previous VIP private sales.. these days, those items are NO more attractive as before : === expensive and not attractive.

Outlet from Japan have better stocks and cheaper Cost! ( 2016  / 12/ 04 )

 ITEMS at previous VIP private sales are no more here in these days ~ .


REVIEW of LC Le creuset Private VIP sale只是越來越冇驚喜越來越多人 in hk 2012 by annual VIP sale~ getting more and more expensive.. and more and more people here =( PART 1)

Dear friends, 
The Private sales in 2014 10, fall bi-annual sale- 
items got :=
1, TNS pan for sear salmond
2.2 bowls of soupbowls of Lavender 
3. bakedware ( for college friend JM ) 

comparing buying the cookingware for baking cakes and pizza and searing salmond.. i think it worth better than a Basket of " ROSE" .

Thanks for JM college friends who bought for me while i have to work and can't get there ! 

OLD friends / high school buddies and college friends are the BEST ! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

The stock comparison on Le creuset LC VIP private sale , by annual in hk... recent years , 2012~ ( PART2)

==2015 04 at  hotel in CWB HK==

items bought :- 
1.mixing bowl ( powder pink) ( for net friend on JM)
3. salad bowls ( lavender) keep one and 2 for JM
2 mugs ( cassis) 
stove top cast iron potato plate- 
2 small size orange ( fafa sauce plate) 
3. dog bowls ( for net friend JM on group) 

to match with the 22cm round got at 5th birthday Sale 

soup bowls 2 bought on 2014 10 VIP private sale 
1- soup bowls ( light purple)
2.salad bowl ( lavender)
3. TNC pan  
4. bakedware  (bought for college friend) 
5. Grill pan. ( for college friend ) 

DON"T let JM wasting money to get things that doesn't worth expensive than the casseroles! only those casseroles are made by 'CAST IRON } which is the main point to get Le creuset for serving a dish from stove top , to oven and than  serve on Table . NO need to swap serving plate.and reducing cooking time. Don't buy if you don't know why people like to cook with " CAST IRON" .. and if you dont' have an OVEN,, and NEVER BAKE >. nor NEVER GRILL . .YOU Don't need anythings from this brand !

The stock comparison on Le creuset LC private sale , bi-annul in hk... recent years , 2013 to 2016 ( PART 3)

  {{ REVIEW Of  hk LC private sale }} 
From 2013 to 2016
after getting each items on each sale for few times. 
( step by step, no need to waste money to buy from others) 

Dear Le creuset users/Friends,
There are 2 LC private sales in hong kong each year  in april and sept.  annually
also, on the birthday sale  of Le creuset lunching date in HK which was six years ago.

History of Le creuset ( FRENCH brand), extract from official website . courtesy le creuset co uk.
{{ CLICK here to divert to UK lc website}}

However the LC brand was in France since 1925 and many years in States , USA sand Europe. UK , dutch, france.  People around the globe didn't act like crazy shoppers as in Hong kong, There are OUTLETs distributed in elsewhere such as japan korea, usa, norway,australia etc and please see the BLOG post about this :-

maybe the newness in HK attract alot of locals. 

Also, the resellers ( those local people didn't even know how to pronounce the brand name correctly ,rush to buy all the half priced stonewares and resell on facebook private groups) in HK marked up the private sale's items ridiculously and make real loyal Lc shoppers stopped buying.
( suggest you dont' buy from them. coz' the LC stonewares are ALWAYS on sale on shelves at 40% off even you buy more than 4 items.. no need to buy Marked up ( warehouse sale items ,which was no more as cheap as 50% off. sometimes even higher than 40% off  - at retail  / dealer shop Rates) !

ONLY casseroles are claimed to be made in France on the cast iron casseroles , 
with ( MADE in FRANCE) .

3rd time - ( private VIP sale) items :- 
with dog bowl + long plate + cereal bowl 
with Lilic mist limited ( lucky draw hk version) Collection 

20151006 items found at VIP private sale - 
mixing bowl + 350 + mixer 
1. cassis saucepan round shaped 
2. oval shaped 27 mm cassis oval 

  ( matching Lilac mist whole set) 

  2015  10 06  

( part 3 )