Monday, April 11, 2016

The stock comparison on Le creuset LC VIP private sale , by annual in hk... recent years , 2012~ ( PART2)

==2015 04 at  hotel in CWB HK==

items bought :- 
1.mixing bowl ( powder pink) ( for net friend on JM)
3. salad bowls ( lavender) keep one and 2 for JM
2 mugs ( cassis) 
stove top cast iron potato plate- 
2 small size orange ( fafa sauce plate) 
3. dog bowls ( for net friend JM on group) 

to match with the 22cm round got at 5th birthday Sale 

soup bowls 2 bought on 2014 10 VIP private sale 
1- soup bowls ( light purple)
2.salad bowl ( lavender)
3. TNC pan  
4. bakedware  (bought for college friend) 
5. Grill pan. ( for college friend ) 

DON"T let JM wasting money to get things that doesn't worth expensive than the casseroles! only those casseroles are made by 'CAST IRON } which is the main point to get Le creuset for serving a dish from stove top , to oven and than  serve on Table . NO need to swap serving plate.and reducing cooking time. Don't buy if you don't know why people like to cook with " CAST IRON" .. and if you dont' have an OVEN,, and NEVER BAKE >. nor NEVER GRILL . .YOU Don't need anythings from this brand !

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