Thursday, April 21, 2016

"le creuset開箱 from Selfridges, ALL in good shape and good packages.

Dear Friends,

I have gather all the friend's experiences on buying online for Le' creuset casseroles.. and most of them have NO problem at all, you just need more Patience, time .. to wait if you want to get your babies with BEST bargain price ! SHOP smart and BE happy !

bought from selfridges online and all came to hong kong in GOOD condition! 

2nd METHOD / option to buy online, BEST reliable but have to Wait LONGER time. around 7 to 14 days !


以前都十分喜歡網購,買DVD、外國書, net a porter for fashion ,ASOS , good brand 牌等等,特別是在amazon.com和,方便可靠。


13 日就到港了。以前用 或買是寄包裹到家沒有人收貨就到郵局取,今次就是順豐派。

ITalian Page - AMAZON.CO.IT
Click here the link below : 

right Click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH: 

BUT all arrived in GOOD conditions and good packages ! but i dont' suggest to buy stonewares, as it is more easily to break.. and CAST iron is VERY good and very tough !

OTHER good /successful Examples on friend's link:!!!%E6%94%B6%E5%88%B0%E4%BA%86%E5%BE%9E%E7%BE%8E%E5%9C%8Bamazon%E8%B2%B7%E7%9A%84%E6%9D%B1%E8%A5%BF%EF%BC%8C%E9%83%B5%E5%B7%AE%E4%BC%AF%E4%BC%AF


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