Tuesday, April 12, 2016

REVIEW of LC Le creuset Private VIP sale只是越來越冇驚喜越來越多人 in hk 2012 by annual VIP sale~ getting more and more expensive.. and more and more people here =( PART 1)

Dear friends, 
The Private sales in 2014 10, fall bi-annual sale- 
items got :=
1, TNS pan for sear salmond
2.2 bowls of soupbowls of Lavender 
3. bakedware ( for college friend JM ) 

comparing buying the cookingware for baking cakes and pizza and searing salmond.. i think it worth better than a Basket of " ROSE" .

Thanks for JM college friends who bought for me while i have to work and can't get there ! 

OLD friends / high school buddies and college friends are the BEST ! 

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