Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy mooncake festival - steam crabs

dear friends ! Happy mid- autumn festival

photographer -Louisa's travelogue
ALl copyright reserved .

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Grilled French spring chicken ( Dijon honey ) + golden /silver eggs vege - 金銀蛋峴菜

- ingredient :
marinated over nite with ; mei lam 2 tb + 2 cloves of garlic + rosemary + 2 tb olive oil +  lemon
or pear

befor baked at oven ; - brushed with
4 to 6 cloves of crushed garlic
honey + 2 tb
1 tea salt
1. 1.2 tea sugar
black pepper
soy sauce 1 tb
lemon sauce - 2tb
dijon mustard 2 table spoon
6 tb grape seed oil or rice brian oil

flied the chicken at 4 tb of grape seed oil in the cassarole for few mins
+ brushed with the ingredients
+ stuff with sweet potatos ,
+ tomato
+ shallots
+ rosemary
+ pepper + salt
+ potatos
+ 2 onion

baked with the 200 preheat oven
+ 180  for 10 mins each side
and 110 for rest of 10 mins .

check if no blood ... rest for 5 to 10 mins and done.

role of thumb , check your oven heat and don't over burn the skin LOL

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Black pepper Pig trotters - Singaporean style 黑椒鐵板豬手-HOMEMADE

Ingrediants ; - 
1 Frozen pork trotter               1


1 Onion                                    1                                 


5  table spoons of black pepper    5 TB 


3  Bay leave 


1 Red chilly 


1 Garlic -


3 Dry red onion 


荵/ ginger/rice wine  for Boiling 5 mins to remove dirt / fat in a casserole 

Garnish / sauce

1box of chicken brooth / or 500 L of hot water
1 tb soy sauce
1 tb oyster sauce / seafood sauce  
1 tb  corn flour/ 
2 tp  brown sugar  

step 1`- boiling defrosted pig trotter for 5 mins with ginger/ chinese onion/ vinegar

step 2 ; 6 pepper crush/ + chicken brooth or hot water + white vinegar+ bay leave

step 3 : boil for 2 to 3 hours until tender

step 4 [ prepare grill pan]
2 tb grape seed oil + onion + red chilly + black pepper + garlic + 2 cup of water + corn flour  until well done.

garnish all on the grill pan with sizzling pig trotter mid- cooked on the hot grill.

STEPS by Steps :


Monday, May 23, 2016


樂天精選店鋪, {{ From 2016 05 24 9 am  to 2016 05 31 9 am hk time.}} 限時免運費,日本潮牌服飾波鞋、嬰兒小童用品、和風美食、運動用品跑鞋、家居擺設、廚具 / 健康美容產品等,日本直送到香港!

由即日至5月31日早上8:59,於日本樂天市場指定精選店家單一消費滿10,000日元( 約HK$720),配送方式揀順豐(S.F Express) 即可享免國際運費!另外免運費期間仲可以賺埋額外5倍點數!



活動期間:2016/5/24 9:00am - 2016/5/31 8:59am (香港時間)

* 優惠受條款給細則約束。


① 訂購時可能顯示運費,訂購後店舖會以郵件扣除運費,請放心選購。
② 免運費活動商品將指定以順豐(S.F Express)送出,付款時請於配送方式選擇順豐(S.F Express),店舖發貨前會以郵件告知Tracking number。
③ 僅限香港地區(包括長洲、大嶼山及南丫島等離島地區),不接受所有順豐站、順豐授權店舖、便利店等地址作為送貨地址。
④ 為避免送貨時有任何問題,收件人名字需與身份證相同。
⑤ 請事前自行確認商品是否為預購商品,如電器用品請自行判斷電壓是否適用。
⑥ 酒精濃度高於30%商品、冷凍商品、白米及蔬菜等不適用於此活動,詳情:
⑦ 單筆訂單的裝箱重量必須在10.kg以下,箱體積必須在120cm以內。
⑧ 訂購前敬請仔細確認訂單內容,訂單一經確認,不能取消。

Friday, April 22, 2016

Jshoppers have PROMOTION till end of April ! check it out ! cheaper ! shipping !

Dear friends,

Since there are alot of questions about how to order stuffs from japan online and how to send back to hong kong. There are ways and different methods. the Fast and easiest one is . Few steps.

1. You need to have a JAPAN address. for  japan ( LC) to send to you in Japan.
 ( therefore, ie. you need a Japanese transfer shipping company- such as Jshoppers. to give you
a Virtual japanese address- which Is the Shipping company's warehouse address, with different PO BOX number for Each customers )

Step 1. -> registered a free account at - > Jshoppers;


- so you have a " japan address " with your Name when you buy things from japan. they will simply send to this warehouse .

click here to registered a FREE account to be a member and get your OWN specific warehouse address. 

CLICK here to check how much for the transfer shipping fee= for a FAFA casseroles around 4 KG.
it is around 4750 yan which is around $ 330 HKdollars.
shipping takes 7 to 14 days nad sometimes, if it is xmas or special occasion, it takes longer time such as 1 month! email them and ask before you purchase!

Step2.   YOU need to be a Japanese LC customers online. so you can ENJOY free shipping and EXCLUSIVE items when there is PROMOTION!

click here to registered as LC members in JAPAN ;
link: -

{{CLICK here to JAPAN LC website }} and right click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH

TIPS ( right click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH if you can't read japanese )


Step 3 , Fill in the form with your japanese address to order -

so you have to enter the ' virtual japanese address, from Jshoppers. which they will give you a different POBOX number when you registered there .

DETAILS ON this blog :
{{CLICK HERE to see how to get a japan address for free }}


Step 4 . CHOOSE your items you want : for eg . if you want to buy the FAFA casseroles

put the items you want to buy in the basket and then CHECK OUT - pay the method such as visa.. etc..

and then you can fill in your membership Number and direct to your check out address. 
and fill in the Jshoppers's address they gave to you ! and then Wala... 

sit at home and wait the items send to you and surprise your MOM ! 


FAST and Easy ! and same as buying things from other online shops! 

Wala ! DONE! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"le creuset開箱 from Selfridges, ALL in good shape and good packages.

Dear Friends,

I have gather all the friend's experiences on buying online for Le' creuset casseroles.. and most of them have NO problem at all, you just need more Patience, time .. to wait if you want to get your babies with BEST bargain price ! SHOP smart and BE happy !

bought from selfridges online and all came to hong kong in GOOD condition! 

2nd METHOD / option to buy online, BEST reliable but have to Wait LONGER time. around 7 to 14 days !


以前都十分喜歡網購,買DVD、外國書, net a porter for fashion ,ASOS , good brand 牌等等,特別是在amazon.com和,方便可靠。


13 日就到港了。以前用 或買是寄包裹到家沒有人收貨就到郵局取,今次就是順豐派。

ITalian Page - AMAZON.CO.IT
Click here the link below : 

right Click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH: 

BUT all arrived in GOOD conditions and good packages ! but i dont' suggest to buy stonewares, as it is more easily to break.. and CAST iron is VERY good and very tough !

OTHER good /successful Examples on friend's link:!!!%E6%94%B6%E5%88%B0%E4%BA%86%E5%BE%9E%E7%BE%8E%E5%9C%8Bamazon%E8%B2%B7%E7%9A%84%E6%9D%B1%E8%A5%BF%EF%BC%8C%E9%83%B5%E5%B7%AE%E4%BC%AF%E4%BC%AF


舒舒服服限量新色LC _ le creuset ( buy from Japan website online ) no need to QUE and no hastles .

教你! 舒舒服服安坐家中有新花花柄 .日本直送回家,不用搬搬抬抬。。。 

Dear friends , 

教你! 舒舒服服安坐家中有新花花柄 bluebell casseroles .日本直送回家,不用搬搬抬抬。。。 

Did you see the new Flower knob Casseroles by Le Creuset ? 

I got these at the Japanese website!! it will be sold in japan in may and now you can buy it online.

its your choice ... to sit here and buy online comfortably or wait on que in the street for 4 hours ! 

Actually, the colour is NEVER NEW < its old colour from last season, Blue bell purple, in feb.. the fav fan website , they sold at $888 for a 14cm casseroles. 
if you can wait for 3 months, Then you can get the casseroles at cheaper price ! 

Website Link : 

( free shipping to hong kong and without tax ) around 2380hkD

Also, if you are the real le creuset Fan in hong kong , you know they have fan Fav page and 
every now and then, after 2 months, the limited version casseroles will be on sale and sold at the 
fan fav page. and the best timing to buy is by then.. 

for eg. the Blue bell casserole was firstly luanchned in Nov and resold at the market in Feb. with only $888.  ( only 3 months!!  )