Thursday, April 21, 2016

舒舒服服限量新色LC _ le creuset ( buy from Japan website online ) no need to QUE and no hastles .

教你! 舒舒服服安坐家中有新花花柄 .日本直送回家,不用搬搬抬抬。。。 

Dear friends , 

教你! 舒舒服服安坐家中有新花花柄 bluebell casseroles .日本直送回家,不用搬搬抬抬。。。 

Did you see the new Flower knob Casseroles by Le Creuset ? 

I got these at the Japanese website!! it will be sold in japan in may and now you can buy it online.

its your choice ... to sit here and buy online comfortably or wait on que in the street for 4 hours ! 

Actually, the colour is NEVER NEW < its old colour from last season, Blue bell purple, in feb.. the fav fan website , they sold at $888 for a 14cm casseroles. 
if you can wait for 3 months, Then you can get the casseroles at cheaper price ! 

Website Link : 

( free shipping to hong kong and without tax ) around 2380hkD

Also, if you are the real le creuset Fan in hong kong , you know they have fan Fav page and 
every now and then, after 2 months, the limited version casseroles will be on sale and sold at the 
fan fav page. and the best timing to buy is by then.. 

for eg. the Blue bell casserole was firstly luanchned in Nov and resold at the market in Feb. with only $888.  ( only 3 months!!  ) 

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