Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HOME baked Japanese Cheese Tart = Bon appetite !

 Ingredients :
for 10 to 13 Tarts 2inches size

butter ( smells better) or healthier shortening牛油  : 120g
Caster Suger砂糖: 30g
All-purpose flour面粉 : 180g
small egg小鸡蛋: 1 pc

Cheese Filling: 

italian Mascarpone cheese 意大利芝士: 130g (those used for tiramisu ) 
Cream cheese 奶油乳酪; 150g 
vanilla extract香草精: 1 tea spoon
Yogurt酸奶 : 1/4  cup ( 25 to 30 g)
milk 牛奶 ; 20g ( japanese brand , sweeter, dont use skim milk) 
light cream淡奶油: 50g
caster sugar砂糖: 60g 
corn starch淀粉 10g
egg white ; 1 ( beat until solid form /foamy  around 8 mins same as making macaon)
egg york : 1 ( for brushing on the tarts at before baking)

 melt all cheese with the Milk in double boiler
 ( heat up a bowl of hot water and mix the cheese on the other batten bowl resting on top) : 
Add 1/4 cup yogurt , corn starch 10g+vanilla extract+ foamy egg white (which prepared as below before hand).
 Prepare egg white till it is foamy around 8mins.   準備泡沫蛋白,直到它大約是短時間就泡沫。
 PASTRY:Mixed all butter + sugar + flour ,蛋撻酥皮,混合所有的黃油+糖+麵粉,
rest in fridge for 2 hours before  baking in oven for
8 mins at 150 degree, pre- heat oven with 250.

 separate the pastry with small balls.. and butter all molds before filling with the pastry material.
baked in oven for 8 mins  at 150degree ( preheat oven with 250 degree first ) .

 after 8 mins in oven , rest them for another 5 mins to make it crispy!

Take out the ready mixed cheese mixture and rest at room temp. 
fill in the pastry with 1 tb of the cheese mixture . 

brushed with the egg york before bake in oven for 5 mins , at 170 degree.

wala DONE ! ready to serve.

Bon appetite !

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