Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Dining is and always was a Great Artistic Opportunity " {{ Frank Lloyd wright}} -三杯栗子雞- Chestnut braised with chicken taiwanese style-

 三杯栗子雞- Chestnut braised with chicken taiwanese style-

三杯栗子雞- Chestnut braised with chicken taiwanese style-

Ingredients : 

1` pack of 12 chicken wings chopped into 2 pcs .
seasoned with italian mixed herbs, + salt and pepper + chinese rice wine.
( i used the japanese

味淋酒 ) 

1/2 onion 
3 small red onions
4 cloves of garlic crushed
10 to 15 pcs of chestnuts * steamed and remove the nut shell }

Seasoning for chicken ; 
1 Tb soy sauce, 
1 tb sugar
1 tb corn starch
chinese rose wine
japanese sesame oil 2 tp

Method ; 

2 tb grape seed oil . or olive oil with high burning point.
Fried 3 pcs gingers + garlic + welsh onion 蔥 with mid heat 2 mins until aroma developed.
fried the chicken until golden brown on both side around 5 mins

add the chesnut + seasoning and cooked for another 4 mings to 5 mins. 

 while puting all ingredients in the casseroles;
22 cm marmite Le creuset
1tea spoon dark soy sauce
1 tb soy sauce 
2 tb Oyster sauce
a little bit of salt 

A cup of chicken stock or warm water braised for 15 mins.
until the chesnut are all soft
2tb of water with corn starch put at last 

  So happy my friend brought m this while visiting me ... so i don't need to que and get to taste this fab tarts.... now .. .its my turn to try to make mine lol

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