Friday, April 22, 2016

Jshoppers have PROMOTION till end of April ! check it out ! cheaper ! shipping !

Dear friends,

Since there are alot of questions about how to order stuffs from japan online and how to send back to hong kong. There are ways and different methods. the Fast and easiest one is . Few steps.

1. You need to have a JAPAN address. for  japan ( LC) to send to you in Japan.
 ( therefore, ie. you need a Japanese transfer shipping company- such as Jshoppers. to give you
a Virtual japanese address- which Is the Shipping company's warehouse address, with different PO BOX number for Each customers )

Step 1. -> registered a free account at - > Jshoppers;


- so you have a " japan address " with your Name when you buy things from japan. they will simply send to this warehouse .

click here to registered a FREE account to be a member and get your OWN specific warehouse address. 

CLICK here to check how much for the transfer shipping fee= for a FAFA casseroles around 4 KG.
it is around 4750 yan which is around $ 330 HKdollars.
shipping takes 7 to 14 days nad sometimes, if it is xmas or special occasion, it takes longer time such as 1 month! email them and ask before you purchase!

Step2.   YOU need to be a Japanese LC customers online. so you can ENJOY free shipping and EXCLUSIVE items when there is PROMOTION!

click here to registered as LC members in JAPAN ;
link: -

{{CLICK here to JAPAN LC website }} and right click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH

TIPS ( right click the mouse to translate to ENGLISH if you can't read japanese )


Step 3 , Fill in the form with your japanese address to order -

so you have to enter the ' virtual japanese address, from Jshoppers. which they will give you a different POBOX number when you registered there .

DETAILS ON this blog :
{{CLICK HERE to see how to get a japan address for free }}


Step 4 . CHOOSE your items you want : for eg . if you want to buy the FAFA casseroles

put the items you want to buy in the basket and then CHECK OUT - pay the method such as visa.. etc..

and then you can fill in your membership Number and direct to your check out address. 
and fill in the Jshoppers's address they gave to you ! and then Wala... 

sit at home and wait the items send to you and surprise your MOM ! 


FAST and Easy ! and same as buying things from other online shops! 

Wala ! DONE! 

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